Treatment of bones and muscles pain

Treatment of bones and muscles pain

-   Degenerative Joint Diseases :- 
Elite specialist's team make sure to examine their patients in details to diagnose accurately to determine the suitable treatment technique through an appropriate medicine and exercises which fit the patient's case .
-  Disc problems and sciatica :-
To treat the sciatica and Disc problems correctly, the doctor will examine the strength of the muscles and reactions to be able to determine what you need to treat the pain, whether (pills - physical therapy or surgical intervention)

-  Joint contractures and Rheumatoid Arthritis:- 
It often causes severe pain to the patient and is detected and diagnosed by a doctor in one of the following ways :-
1- Clinical examination
2- Proceed tests and medical analysis
3- X-rays of injured joints
4- magnetic resonance imaging

- Postural problems & Scoliosis :-
When you are diagnosed early, the result of the treatment is better and avoid increasing the degree of warp and its complications 
- Ankle spur & planter fasciitis :- 
Diagnosis of this disease through the work of CT scans to make sure the existence of this problem or none and one of it's most obvious symptoms is severe pain in the heel of the foot when waking up in the morning . 

All of these diseases and others which are related to bone or joint's problems like "Geriatric MSK problems - Shoulder and upper limb problems - Soft tissue & Joint Mobilization - Rehabilitation of joint replacement & Fracture " can be treated in professional medical techniques by Specialists with an Extensive experience at Elite Specialists Physical Therapy Center. 

Treatment of bones and muscles pain

  • - Degenerative Joint Diseases
  • Disc problems and sciatica
  • - Joint contractures and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • - Rehabilitation of joint replacement & Fracture
  • Postural problems & Scoliosis
  • - Ankle spur & planter fasciitis
  • - Soft tissue & Joint Mobilization
  • Shoulder and upper limb problems
  • Geriatric MSK problems

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