Rehabilitation of breast cancer and lymphatic edema

Rehabilitation of breast cancer and lymphatic edema

 postural problems  -
Most early symptoms of breast cancer affect the breast area first but often develop to reach some parts of the body and affect the nature and the external shape and these symptoms are discovered by examination

The parts that can be affected are: - Skin in general - armpits and lymph nodes - bones, muscles and others. 
 treatment of post-surgery scars  -  

The treatment of cancer may cause some physiological changes in the body of the woman and the presence of some scars and wounds in sparse places. At the end of the treatment period must help specialists to overcome this stage and get rid of those changes in a medical way to easily overcome that stage

 providing prosthesis after amputation - 

The center of elite specialists helps patients who have been removed from their limbs and find it difficult to find compensatory limbs with new limbs of high quality and suitable prices

   providing pressure garments  - 

Elite Specialists Center concerned with the provision of special clothing and dressings because of their great importance in saving lives after exposure to serious injuries

Elite Specialists Center offers you qualified doctors and specialists for the treatment of these previous problems, waiting for you to book an appointment

Rehabilitation of breast cancer and lymphatic edema

  • Postural problems
  • Treatment of post-surgery scars
  • Providing pressure garments
  • Providing prothesis after amputation

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