Elite Specialists Physical Therapy Center " Physiotherapy as it should be "

Our Mission

Our prime focus is making  the treatment easy for our patients. We chose our specialists very carefully. Elite Specialists Physical Therapy Center is located in the heart of Jeddah surrounded by spectacular view of sea shore and its famous boulevards. Such splendid view encourages our patients to carry out their therapy with immense enthusiasm and determination.

Our Message

"Elite Specialists Physical Therapy Center"

  is a brand we have chosen to reflect our desire to provide the highest quality of the physiotherapy services in town. We have chosen our specialists after they have passed various qualified exams both theoretical and practical to qualify to work at our center and be rightfully called "elite specialists".

We strive to practice physiotherapy in a correct scientific way and supported by research and research evidence. So, we chose to have our motto

"Physiotherapy as it should be" 

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